My work, a meditative response to my rural environment employs line, repetition and abstraction. It occupies both two and three dimensional space, examining processes of growth, stillness and decay through materiality. Drawing from visual and biological impressions from the land I find moments of growth in the vegetation, stillness in the space around me and continual decay in everything. The visual cues of repetition of pine needles or grass and reflections of light in wetlands are embedded in work as I abstract and simplify my reactions from the land into the elusive nature of line.

I bring the smells, textures and natural raw materials from the surrounding land in northern California back into the studio, utilizing clay, tea, eggs, honey and decomposed plant matter. My senses guide the process as my hands mix the tea-clay. They know when it achieves the perfect moisture level or when the sweet aroma of beeswax reaches its peak and is ready to pour. My studio begins to resemble a cross between a woodshop and scientific lab as jars of plant based inks, plant specimens and soil samples, sitting alongside minimalistic shaped wooden panels replace canvases and oil paints.

Employing my science background in horticulture, I experiment with the reactive components of the raw materials to one another. The materials’ chemical interactions with each other on the working surface create an unpredictable reaction. I listen, observe and respond to the reactions of the materials. I allow for the unknown and watch as the materials decompose.  Within the unstable reactions, process and materiality merge where impermanence and decay make way for life processes of growth, stillness and decay.

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