Honey bee wings after 125 days will begin to wear from its continual daily motion of flight. One day as they fly back into the hive the guard bees inspect their wings, if they are too worn they are blocked from entering the hive and the honey bee will turn around and fly off to her death knowing her service is complete. For me as I observe this, I wonder if somewhere within the nature of repetition consciousness exists. My line series is an examination of consciousness through repetition and materiality. It utilizes natural raw materials as mud, egg, honey, beeswax and tea to investigate the intersection of repetitious marks of line, chemical interactions of the materials and repetitive physical movement.

Within this work there are different minimalistic shaped objects constructed from wooden panels that have tight lines of raw material placed vertically across the surface. To create the lines, I experiment with materials such as tea, grass, walnut shells and flower petals. Time allows the materials to react and decay as the smells shift from a floral aroma to musty within days or the bright saturated greens degrade to a dull brown. The latent potential within each material of mud, egg or plants is released as they interact on the surface to one another. The interaction can unfold in moments or within days.

I am interested both in material reactions as well as the physical action of repetition within the body. In moments within this series, my humanness screamed from the tension of sitting for hours at a time moving in a repetitive motion to create the lines of tea. I developed leg cramps, back aches and sore muscles. I found my mind paralleled the pattern of a repetitious marks where thoughts continued to play over and over again without a moment of stillness as my body and mind fidgeted. The convergence of material reactions and awareness of discomfort expose the instability of my mind and body much like the instability of the materials. My personal experience of discomfort, annoyance, doubt and even anger is messy, unpredictable and judgmental. Is this consciousness?